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About Us

Connections365 is a non-profit youth services agency that has been in operation since 1989. Until 2018 we were known as the Christian Community Placement Center, or CCPC. Based out of Salem, Oregon, Connections365 provides services to youth through four programs: therapeutic foster care, mentoring, residential services, and mental health counseling.

At Connections365, we provide youth in our programs with case management, counseling, educational services, and skill building.

We are committed to community integration, partnering with families, schools, case workers, churches, and other community members and agencies.

We emphasize age-appropriate personal accountability for youth, and encourage all youth to develop their talents and make positive contributions to society.

Connections365 is a faith-based agency, although we do not provide direct religious services to our clients. We serve clients from all walks of life, and are committed to non-discrimination in all of our practices.

Connections365 is a proud member of the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Rep/Contact Info

Fay DeMeyer
  • Cell Phone: (503) 339-5225