Woodburn Chamber

Machine Operator-Swing Shift

Universal Forest Products
Job Description
Machine Operator II is responsible for the set up and operation of a production machine in accordance with established procedures and guidelines. Ensures final product meets customer expectations.
* Secures and maintains material and supplies required on the operation according to production sheets.
* Completes work area set up.
* Operates and feeds the machine in a safe and efficient manner, and according to established procedures.
* Continually watches the machine to ensure quality.
* Stacks completed products in accordance with established procedures, and if required, may cover, label and band components/finish product.
* Operates hand tools to complete assembly process.
* Ensures work area is safe, clean and organized, and that equipment is safe to operate.
* Completes pre-shift/startup equipment inspection checklist and reports any problems or concerns.
* Maintains a clean and orderly work environment.
* Maintains production records as required.
* Checks materials and finished products to ensure compliance with standards.
* Performs duties consistent with established safety and quality procedures, rules, and standards.
* May perform preventive maintenance as specified.
* Participates in safety, CI and other programs and meetings.
* Performs other duties as assigned.

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type Woodburn, Oregon
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